Look But Don't...


  • Image Making
  • Analogue
  • list item 2


  • 8 x 8" album cover
  • 8.5 x 11" posters
  • list item 2

Project Duration: november–december 2020

Image making based on a personal favorite song of mine, the hard-hitting, mostly instrumental song "Look But Don't Touch" by Polyphia featuring Lewis Grant, with the outcome of 5 album covers and 5 typographical visuals.

Initial Sketches

For solution 1, I liked the idea of mysterious and dangerous forces in our world. For solution 2, I wanted to attempt unconventional analogue solutions.

Solution 1 Iterations

The first round of iterations, especially in which I tried to use Blender for type, was not quite successful, especially in terms of the pure visuals. I was not satisfied and had to really push myself (and take quite a few trips to Michael's) to gather materials that made for a more unique final outcome.

Solution 2 Iterations

My initial try-outs for the type-based solution 2 were difficult to capture the dangerous yet intriguing feeling I was aiming for. However, the contrast in visual textures and implied materials allowed me to take it to the next level when experimenting with unconventional analogue materials.

Solution 1 visuals: Mysterious, beautiful, yet dangerous nature-based creatures
Intended outcome: 5 different versions of 8 x 8" album covers.
Materials used: False eyelashes and a lot of potpourri

Solution 2 visuals: Outrageous, almost surreal-looking type, based on the 5 senses
Intended outcome: 5 different versions of 8.5 x 11" posters
Materials used: Cardboard, Crayola Model Magic, foam, cellophane, vinyl paper, slime, wire, rope

'Cause some say
This is it
You could be anything anywhere
But you would still have something to miss

'Cause some say
Look but don't touch
So make sure that you've seen it
And that you've seen it enough

Lewis Grant

"Look But Don't Touch" by Polyphia