Stenberg Brothers


  • Bus Shelter Poster
  • Large Print
  • list item 2


  • 47 x 68"
  • list item 2

Project duration: january–march 2021

A bus shelter poster of a personally influential design period and artist: 1920s Russian Constructivist movie posters, specifically from the Stenberg Brothers.

Research Outline

Before I narrowed down my exact topic to the Stenberg Brothers, I first chose the overall topic of Russian Constructivism, specifically in the 1920s; Their posters have excellent hierarchy and can effectively convey a message without seeming over or under-designed.

What do I admire about the Stenberg Brothers movie posters?

To name a few things...

Image Making
Color Palettes
Dynamic Typography
Clear Hierarchy

Now to capture all of these elements in my poster!

Version 1

Taking what I thought were the most effective and cohesive Stenberg Brothers movie posters and putting them all together, I established hierarchy and grouping from where I want the viewer's eyes to go and in what order. However, I felt that the poster was still visually lacking a "punch" to make it more eye-catching and engaging.

Version 2 extended visual elements on both the top and bottom of the poster to unite the different groupings.
I also added a rough, grainy texture for a more retro feel.

Version 2 bus shelter mockup